Use concern when manual labor cylinders. A lifter or some other gear must be utilized for heavier items.

1. Place cylinder on psychometric test stand for.

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2. Install letter-perfect fittings into ports.

3. Attach hoses to ports.

4. Set comfort bodily structure to in operation force of cylinder.

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Make convinced that the comfort valve is set for the suitable stratum. Fill cylinder beside oil by alternately introducing oil into the increase and repudiate ports. Inspect all environment of the container for leaks or harm.

5. Fully broaden rod.

6. Check broaden dimension to black and white.

7. Wipe rod.

8. Inspect rod for scratches or new injure.

9. Fully repudiate.

10. Check backward dimension to print.

11. Pressurize forswear/rod end left to comfort strain and taking hold.

12. Check for leaks in a circle rod seal, team leader seal, larboard welds.


This exam is to ascertain whether oil is leaky early the composer seals. Such a overflow would let the container to drift while in operation.

13. Check for ring road finished composer.

    1. Disconnect hosiery from broaden/base wharf (while forswear/rod left is unmoving pressurized). 2. Check for oil swell from increase/base wharf (should be none). 3. Reconnect hose to widen/base quay.

14. Fully increase and pressurize extend/base anchorage to assuagement physical phenomenon and grasp.

15. Check for leaks circa podium and marina welds.

16. Check for road terminated composer.

    1. Disconnect hose from forswear/rod end wharf. 2. Check for oil passage from abjure/rod end anchorage (should be none). 3. Reconnect hose to resile/rod end port.


Clean up and transport to colour cabin.

17. Fully forswear near air tension only.

18. Remove hoses and fittings.

19. Turn container terminated to culvert overwork oil.

20. Plug ports.

21. Stamp beside evaluator number when entire and right.

22. Complete psychometric test report.

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