(Episode #14)

(Josh and Silas parturition hindmost at Acorn Bluff, field sport out of Goose Creek that runs by the Bluff, and the many an oak trees that have the hard fruit, retributory field sport and resting against a big tree, among the Acorns, Josh has his sportfishing shoot stuck into the ground, Silas, seated up a bit, waiting for Josh to bring up to date his anecdote.)

Josh: I got a anecdote yo-all ain' he'rd previously son, listen up a trance...

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Silas: Wha' it pa?

Josh: It 'bout Ole Grandpa Shep rear in '29, when my front boy, Toby, was not
yet born, an´ Shep use-to go pick up dem dere fish, hair her Acorn Bluff, in dis her' cree (Goose Creek). I been to de Smiley provide lodgings dis one dey, de light folks' dere move in wid a big catfish-I'clare, ef-en he ain' big as you son. Ole Shep, he wes study ole Granny fund den, an' I sees him talkin' to de fish, an' he ask dem room folk, why de not bitin' more than downcast at de Bluff.

Silas: An' I suppsen de aquatic vertebrate talking fund to ole Shep, haw pa?

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Josh: Wuy you say dat?

Silas: Cussen yo-all guin to report to me so.

Josh: I sees dat big fish, an' I ain' ne'er seen a bigger catfish-I'clare, an' de light-colored kin group grant it to de dog, and de white clan say, "It for de blackman or de dog, wuh git it?" an' de dog git it. Wat yu got to say 'bout dat? Den he sees me, and say, "Josh, I corner you annudder one tomorrow, an' I gives it to yu," and utterance. Den him an' me chunk comp'ny. He ain' have big 'enough fish to food me to stay put. But dem big aquatic vertebrate guin distant nowadey...!


Note: Grandpa Hightower [Shep Hightower] 1734-1829

Note: Josh had 3 children, Silas, Jordan, and Toby; Toby was whelped in circles 1830, died at the end of the Civil War, 1865.

Note: Asha Wash [works in Smiley's domicile as housemaid, girl to the cook: Granny Wash of the Smiely's plantation, a near to the Hightower's; - Granny worked for the Smiely's for 30-years, she was dropped in 1800, died at 66-yearsold. Her daughter Asha Wash 52-years old, was foaled to Granny when Granny was 14-years old, some are mulatto Negroess. Asha Wash dies of birthing in 1867, gave outset to Toby, Josh's son. And Granny was the father to Granny.

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