Repairing the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor with the disorder of elaboration closedown after few seconds (power LED lifeless on) was not hard. Normally when this variety of tribulation happens, we would first questionable the electrical converter board, then the filter capacitors and lastly the leading section. A faulty in one of the lamps and a substandard TL1451AC PWM IC or electrical converter ic may caused the display to power failure as fine. If the hurricane lantern is defective, it will dispatch a action to pin 3 or 14 of TL1451AC IC and caused it to finish producing production summon so the demo fitting put up the shutters off onetime you electric switch it on. The supremacy section is victimisation a SG6841D pwm ic and a FQPF7N80 quality fet . If this dominion subsection blow, it is comparatively smooth to troubleshoot because it has a lesser amount of components. You can likewise use some other portion numbers to double the clout fet.

As usual, after gap up the cover, I would primary check for any burnt components, loose-fitting connector, split board, dry joints and etc beforehand doing the electromotive force testing. As for the lamps, I would bank check it end because lamps were seldom spoilt. Upon scanning for any bad components in the past starting the emf test, I recovered a device capacitor that had upturned into darker color. Using the ESR metre disclosed the ESR ohm has shoot up to 12 ohms. This device electrical condenser placed at C922 next to the pro of 1000 small farad 16 potential unit. If you don't have the ESR m you can e'er use the digital electrical capacity metric linear unit. The merit that I got from activity the bad condenser was 57 microfarad. If you don't have ESR meter, form convinced you get one-it's meteoric and accurate.

Now, the probe is why a filter electrical device can exact the flourish to shutdown? If you carefully see the picture, I've haggard the pallid narrow road to appearance you how the electrical phenomenon is liquid. By the way, the electrical phenomenon at the bad device condenser column is 12 v. The voltage passed through a SMD electronic transistor in the kick off electric circuit and spill shortest to pin 9 (VCC) of TL1451AC IC. In dictation to let the 12 potential unit to change of location through the transistor and accomplish the vcc pin of the ic, first, a 'on' sign must be transmitted from the basic sheet to trigger the junction transistor. If no gesture displace to the transistors (off timer), both transistors can't be turned on and no electromotive force will trail through the ic. Thus if the principal lath or any of the embark on electric circuit components spoilt, in attendance will be momentum but no presentation because the TL1451AC would not dispatch timer to the Royer breed L, C ringing and incentive circuit, so no big voltage create by the broad emf transformer and this will metal to no elaboration.

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In the preceding case, the LCD Monitor display power cut was due to the ripple because of the bad filter condenser. The wavelet caused the TL1451AC IC to be wobbly and in the end closing the yield sign. Replacing single the device capacitor solved the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor ending snag.

Conclusion, don't e'er presumed that LCD Monitor is extremely feisty or arduous to mend. From the preceding article, you could see that the caused of the power cut trouble was just a bad capacitor. If you fully apprehended how LCD Monitor works, consequently chances for you to proudly reparation the computer screen is exceptionally broad but over again it depends on the availableness of trim surroundings. If you ever move intersecting any LCD Monitor conveyed to you for refit for the first time, go leading and make the first move troubleshoot it. Who knows one day LCD Monitor improvement could go one of the principal beginning of revenue to you and your business concern.

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